Costs for double glazed windows

How much does double glazed windows cost?

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Double glazing cost

At Adelaide Double Glazing Installations, we have all your requirements for high-quality double glazed windows at good prices. We offer the best prices and the fastest lead times in the industry so you can get your new or renovated house done quickly and without any hassles.

We use uPVC as a sustainable material that is manufactured locally in South Australia. So not only will you get an affordable product, but it will be future proofed to withstand different climates too! To find out more, give us a call today.

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Double glazing cost

Retrofit double glazing cost

Many factors affect the cost of uPVC Double Glazing being installed, such as the type of windows to be removed, age/construction type of house, which cannot be changed.

However, we can bring the costs down with factors we can change, such as design, frame colour, and opening styles.

We are more than happy to advise about this during the design and quotation stage, which is entirely free and has no obligation.

Double glazing cost examples

Here are some recent examples of double glazed window and door installations recently completed:

  • 10 windows and 1 door in Meadows  – $26k + GST
  •  13 windows in Hallet Cove $28k + GST
  •  4 windows in Mount Barker $8.5k + GST
Double glazing cost
Double glazing cost
Double glazing cost
Double glazing cost